About Me

in a nutshell

I’m a knowledge junkie, I’m gamer and I absolutely hate leaving things half done. I’m driven by possibilities of learning new things on new projects. I never take on a project unless it really excites me, otherwise I’d just do a really bad job at it

Dev Stack

About 90% of all Desktop Apps I’ve made in my entire career are programmed in Python. About 50% of Mobile Apps I’ve made are also made with Python. 40% of my mobile apps are made with react native and only 10% (just 4 apps) I’ve created are made with Flutter(I just recently started working with flutter…its awesome by the way).

Back in the day, I used to design using Inkscape(I know). I loved it, still do but there isn’t much room for collaboration so I only ever use to create assets for my designs now, otherwise I’m a fulltime Figma designer now.

That just about sums it up✌️




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