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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Sam and I make awesome apps for a living. Make yourself at home and feel free to browse a collection of my past projects

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My name is Samuel Mthembo, I’m a Full-Stack Software Developer working with React, Flutter & Kivy for the Frontend and Python for the Backend.

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Certificate In Web And Graphic Design

I obtained a design certificate from Prestige College in 2014, passing all the tests with perfect distinctions.

Diploma In Professional Computing And Information Processing

I graduated from Bulawayo Polytechnic with an Institute Of Commercial Management(UK) Diploma in 2016.

I’ve always been passionate and quite psyched about Computers and software in general so after college, I taught myself how to write code starting with learning python. After that learning everything else was pretty easy from here, that’s how I’ve gotten this far. I push myself everyday to learn new technologies and more efficient ways to solve problems.

Finance Tracker App

A Frontend UI For A Finance tracking mobile app


Plant Care App

A Frontend UI For An Indoor plant care routine app


Time Tracking App

A Time Tracking App featuring Pomodoro and Analytics


Spending Monitoring App

A Frontend UI For A Spending Tracker mobile app


Online Grocery App

An online grocery shopping and delivery app


Project Management App

A Project and Task Planning desktop app


Instant Messenger App

Sockets random chat app


Hybrid POS System

An SME POS System


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