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What I do


With extensive knowledge in HTML5/CSS3/JS, I can confidently say, I provide the best services when it comes to web design and development. Whether it's Vanilla development or using frameworks like Angular/React, I have you covered.


Working with languages like kotlin, java, python, the goal is simple - To create efficient and useful apps that people will love using. I also use The Ionic Framework and Python frameworks to create cross-platform apps that look and feel like native apps.


Working on the web or on the go is great, but nothing beats the power of desktop computers. I understand the significance of desktop software that's why, I continuosly research the best technologies I can use to provide you with the greatest software you'll love to use on your desktops.


We learn to Teach, it's why there's always going to be a student and a teacher, No matter what happens. I have free courses available to any and all those who are interested. All though there are paid ones too ;)


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