hi there, you've reached sam

I’m a Full Stack Software Developer, primarily focusing in Desktop and Mobile App Development. I also do UI/UX Design for both Mobile and Desktop. Have A Project In Mind?


what's under the hood?

Depending on the project I’m working on, I would use different tools and technologies. Here’s a friendly breakdown

Mobile Development

I Either Work With React-Native, Flutter Or Python/Kivy to Ensure Cross-Platform Support

Desktop Development

My stack of choice here would be python and kivy simply because of the unlimited customisation options, But time and again I find myself using the Qt Framework too

UI/UX Design

This one is pretty short, I design with Figma. It's Free. It's Awesome and It's Unbelievably Easy to collaborate on the platform.

by the numbers

I’m relatively new to Freelancing as a whole but I’ve been developing for quite a while now. Here’s where I’m at right now

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Years of Experience

developing software for personal and corporate usage

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Happy Clients

who got what they asked for and then some. The aim is to please, after all..elegance is an attitude

Open-source Projects

free for anyone to use, because I believe in giving back

about me

My name is Samuel Tawanda Mthembo, I’m officially from Zimbabwe but sort of live on the internet now. I’m currently 26 and working Fulltime now as a Contractor. I also teach online by night.

I’ve been programming since 2012, right after I finished college. I never went to University, I’ve always believed in results and I guess I was simply too eager to start building actual products so I stopped school and started building..and now here we are.

Any questions?